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. officials say the dictator died after two months on the run at the hands of revolution fighters but u.s. officials have not confirmed that but these are believed images showing muammar qaddafi bloody and struggling up against the front of a truck. it is not exact clear how he died but u.s. officials say a fresh fighter jet and an american predator drone fired on his convoy before fighters on the ground reportedly pulled muammar qaddafi from one of the cars. >> somebody shot him. by gun. >> he is definite. it is muammar qaddafi. he saw muammar qaddafi? >> yes. you hit muammar qaddafi with your shoe? >> yes! >> this man hit muammar qaddafi with his shoes! >> this amateur video suggests it was a brutal death for the man who ruled libya for 42 years. president obama calls this is momentous day for libya. >> this marks the end of a long and painful chapter for the people of libya who now have the opportunity to determine their own destiny in a new and democratic libya. >>trace: president obama dubbed him the mad dog of the middle east and was linked to several terror plots including the 1988
they decided to get a search warrant and they told us the reason they got that is because they wanted to get their legal ducks in a row because the parents have a lawyer and we found out, in fact, on october 17, which was monday, police got a positive hit from a cadaver dog for a scent of a deceased human being on the floor in the room of the parents, which, of course, being deb where bradley and her husband. we are told by the reporter on scene that, in fact, the "hit" was near the bed on the floor near the bed. you recall when they went in for 17 hours over the past two days they brought in x-ray equipment to x-ray the walls and the floors and the pipes and they brought out a number of carpets and bags and, now, we know why. we have been asking all along, why in the world would you get a search warrant when you had full access to the house? to get a search warrant you need to go to a judge and give them a spoke reason why you want to go back in there. now we know that reason. cadaver dog on monday got a scent of a deceased human being. we are in the process of contacting the police and par
for shepard smith. >>trace: thank you, we start with the breaking news. u.s. officials say they have stopped a terror plot far getting a foreign leader right here in the united states. they say factions of the iranian government were behind a plan to assassinate this man, saudi arabia's ambassador to the united states. listen. >> the complaint alleges this was conceived and sponsored and was directed from iran and constitutes a flagrant violation of united states and international law including convention protecting diplomats from being harmed. >>trace: the feds say two people including a member of iran's special operations charged in new york federal court and for context, they have been compared to our seal team and some are asking if president mahmoud ahmadinejad directed the attack. officials now vowing to hold iran accountable. and now the news from the pentagon. jennifer, what do we know of thement? >>reporter: well, trace, we know that there is one man in custody. one of the two, that is charged, and he is from corpus christi, texas, 66 years old, born in iran but he is an american ci
a u.s. airliner with explosives hidden in the underwear has admitted to everything. the 25-year-old nigerian changing his plea to guilty on every charge in a surprise move on the second day of the trial. adbul farouk umar abdulmutallab telling the court he struggled as he smuggled a bomb on a detroit-bound flight saying he did it in his underwear and planned to kill all of the 300 people on board. he admitted saying "if you laugh with us now we will laugh but later on the day of judgment," and calls his bomb a "blessed weapon to save the lives of innocent muslims." of course that bomb failed and he was the only person hurt. but, today, in court, he warned of more violence. and now at district court in detroit, today. mike, i guess he did not have a plea deal after all or did he? >>reporter: there was no plea deal and according to the lawyer assisting him he took the plea because he wanted to get past the trial and he wanted to use the courtroom as a lat did -- platform for his rant. but the attorney advised against taking the deal. >> we wanted to continue the trial. but we resp
report" tonight. thanks for being here! here's trace gallagher. >> thank you. this is "studio b." a u.s. court blocking of what some call the toughest immigration in the law country, saying schools can't check the immigration status of students. plus, a new report details how more planes are flying too close to each other. are you at risk? and the obama administration squares off against republican lawmakers. did the administration break federal law when it gave a half billion loan to a now bankrupt company? the solyndra controversy is all ahead, unless breaking news changes everything, on "studio b." first from fox at 3:00, presidential candidate rick perry says he has a plan to create more than a million new american jobs. the texas governor making his first major policy speech since entering the race with a rapid rise and fall in the polls. today at a pennsylvania steel plant, he proposed a plan to open up federal land for emergency energy production and loosen government regulation. he also took aim at the man he hopes to replace. >> when it comes to energy, the president would kill
and i apologize is there anyway you can get a tow bar out here and get us towed to a gate? i don't care. take us anywhere. i have a paraplegic on board, i have a diabetic, a list of things i got to get some help. >>shepard: the statement said and i quote, "the airport infrastructure was overwhelmed. i said fort lauderdale but they were diverted. and now, jonathan hunt is here with us. we her from the frustrated passengers a lot but it is not often we hear from the pilots on the matter. >>jonathan: refreshing, wasn't it in the guy got on board the plane in fort lauderdale at 8:00 a.m., took off at 9:00 a.m. and was diverted to hartford and landed there at 1:30, and seven hours later he and the passengers still on board that plane and he desperately wanted to get out of there. listen to this exchange again. >> do you need any paramedics? >> we have the fire truck and they have some medical background but i am not sure who all the players are but it looks like they have it covered. my priority right now is a dug and a tow bar. if you give me a shop i will make one myself. >>jonathan: give
's wrong with what i have, apple? why do i need this? someone will explain to us why we must spend this money. breaking news changes everything on "studio b." fox news is america's election headquarters. new jersey governor chris christie is not running for president. remember, we reported that last week, the week before that, the month before that and the month before that. once again, here we are, he's not running again. this time he says it's the last time he's going to tell us he's not running.c established republicans, high-level ceos, donors, and average voters calling the governor in new jersey to ask him to run for the thing, despite his claims that edmonton not seek the gop nomination, and he's not. that's why it's our lead story, because the same thing that was true yesterday and the day before that and the day before that is still true today. political analysts say the calls for a run hit fever pitch last week after the governor's speech at the reagan presidential library. everybody said it was really good. the governor today admitted that he briefly considered a run. >>
to the enormous problem and charges he used campaign cash in an affair. well look at case. and, what they are asking a judge to do. the jury in the manslaughter trial of dr. conrad murray today hearing a different side of the man accused of killing michael jackson. we get a live report from the courthouse. two of the frontrunners in the g.o.p. presidential nomination testifying up the attacks on each other. could that end up hurting the republican candidates in the general election? that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." but, first from fox at 3:00 in new york lawyers for an accused -- a teacher accused of having sex with a student the lawyers say the students were taking advantage of her. defense attorneys claim she is mentally ill with multiple personalities and the boys knew she was "vulnerable." but the prosecution witnesses testified yesterday the teacher put together the whole defense before the cops arrested her. the prosecution in ohio charged the 33-year-old with 16 counts of sexual battery and her former students including several form
of the house and is cooperating with us. we are not interested in taking the animals but tonight the animals were taken to the zoo and that situation will be worked out at a later date. the animals that were dispatched were buried on the property. that has already been done. that was at the request of his wife, the recommendation of jack and the crew. we also have talked with the agricultural society and we made sure we did everything proper in that regard and we felt that was the best thing for this situation. we are, we will be, currently, and will be talking about a game plan for the missing wolf and the monkey. obviously, very large part of this investigation we want to conclude is catching those two animals before they get out in the public and do anything. the director of the columbus zoo and the wilds have recommended the monkey be shot and killed. it is very possible this monkey is carrying herpes. we do not have tests to verify it but it is highly likely the animals is carrying herpes. a lot of the species carry the disease and i will open this up later for questions if you have any
the president is no closer to getting that through congress, so, carney, today, tried to use the mixed number to, again, push the jobs bill. >> if congress does not pass any provision in the american jobs act, economic prognosis for next year is growth that is too slow to bring down unemployment. now, maybe some in congress think that is okay. i sure know, we know, that the american people, left right and center do not think that is okay. >>reporter: and points to the fact the white house will not back down from the president continuing to take the executive actions go and the congress to tinker with student loans and housing as we saw early this week because they say without passage of the jobs bill he needs to act. >>shepard: what do republicans say, ed? , they are fired up about the executive action and speaker boehner was on radio suggesting maybe some of the maneuvering is illegal or improper. white house soundly rejecting that. but the house majority leader cantor said, look, the president keeps say "we can't wait," but, house republicans have passed 15 different measures they say will cre
to keep track of everything we buy and use that information to target each and everyone of us online. can we do anything to step it? and emotional testimony at the trial of michael jackson's doctor, the judge stopping the trial because the witness almost fainted on the stand. that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." but, first, from fox at 3:00 in new york, fox news is america's election headquarters and the republican presidential contender rick perry rolled out an economic plan for america. that he says will give taxpayers a choice: pay taxes under the country system like you have; or, pay a flat tax of 20 percent. >> each individual taxpayers will have a choice. you can continue to pay your taxes as well as the 9:00ants and lawyers under the country tax system we got. or you can file your taxes on this postcard. >>shepard: she speaking at a plastics company in south carolina outside greenville and the plan also includes private retirement accounts for social security, private, mind you. medicare reform. and a lower corporate tax rate. the perry camp
haven't we learned about this? the cops no more have to tell us what they are finding than the man in the moon. it is stupid. >>arthur: you are right, they don't have to but they have been saying a lot and they have said we follow-up on 1,000 leads and they did say the cadaver dogs smelled a dead body inside the house. now, that's damning evidence to the parents, right? they released that. i'm sorry, immediately. but they did not release seeing the guy with the body. your common sense approach is right on the head. people stealing a baby and walk around the neighborhood holding the baby? it is odd they held that back for so long. why? why tell us of the dogs fining the scent of the body but not tell us of the guy in the neighborhood. >> it is not that important, this will mutty what they were looking at, a woman who is not cooperating. what does that say? my child is missing but i don't want to cooperate. so now suddenly my child is still missing but i will not cooperate? that doesn't --. >>arthur: she will not meet with the police or media. she met hours and hours and hours. >>she
, a toxicology testified of the drug they found in his body including something used to treat anxiety and insomnia. so far the trial is focused on propose -- propofol. >> you came to a quick judgment that propofol was the most important judge in the case? >> yes, i did. >> did you think that other drugs were not significant? >> there are other drugs that are important but not the red flag that caught my eye. >>shepard: that red flag is propofol and the defense argues michael jackson took a mix of the sedatives without the doctor's knowledge and that killed the star. year, we her from the investigator who found "dozens" of drill vials in his honey but the police did not find his springer prints on any of them and that cuts into the against argument. and now, adam, in los angeles what about this possible new theory on what killed michael jackson? >>reporter: well, it surprised people when the defense was going to this direction. the judge granted a last the objections from the prosecution as the defense was cross-examining the witnesses saying it is out of their scope of intelligence, t
? >> shepard: jonathan, break down for us, if you will, the possibilities for what we're about to hear. >> the court could uphold the verdict, keep her sentence, amanda knox's at 26 years, or increase it as the prosecution has asked to a life sentence. they could partially overturn the verdict, in other words say she's still guilty on some counts, but not others, and that might lead to a decrease in the sentence. or they could exonerate her completely, overturn the verdict from the original court and say you are free to go. in that case, she still has to return to the prison where she's been held for nearly four years now, shep. she would have to fill out paperwork. that's likely to take a couple of hours, but then she would be free to leave italy. one imagines if that is the case she'll do it as quickly as she can possibly k. shep? >> shepard: jonathan, on dna evidence, there are so many different stories of what matches, what doesn't, what might have been contaminated and otherwise, but of more interest to me, at least, for this portion of this newscast, are some of the statements wh
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the military option on the table. what is likely to happen is the u.s. continues to ramp up tough economic sanctions against iran to, in the words of the president, make sure they know they're paying a price. >> shepard: republicans think the president should have taken a tougher stand. >> they're saying back to the early days of this administration, the president was trying to reach out to the iranian regime and start a new day and that's backfired. retired general jack keen. >> i don't believe so. this is a stunning rebuke to his policy and negotiation and benign policy of isolation. >> reporter: the other thing we heard today was republican senator john mccain, the president's rival from 2008, lashing out at the president saying he missed a major opportunity in 2009 when revolution was bubbling on the streets of at a ran tehran to not get behind the movement and it's backfired. >> shepard: ed henry on the north lawn. thank you. >>> fox news is america's election headquarters and there's a new contender in the battle for the top stop of the republican race for the president. he's the bus
else does jackson say on the recordings, there, adam? >>reporter: well, the prosecution is using the tape to prove that dr. murray should have seen this and should have recognized the fact that jackson was having trouble with the sedatives and that recording caught people by surprise today. they played some not opening statements but no one realized how long it was until it was played today talking about his pain, about house he wants to help children because he lost his childhood. listen to the recording. (inaudible) >>reporter: the recording on dr. murray's iphone a month and a half before he would die. an expert talking on the stand about how he retrieved the message that murray had. >>shepard: what else should we expect? >>reporter: what we were expecting is the investigators to take the stand with audio of dr. murray of him being interviewed, a two hour audio tape of the interview at michael jackson died, we expect part of that to be played there have been some talk that the entire two hours could be played for 9 jury and it would be the first time that we hear dr. murray in
say someone broke into the home and took baby his 10 from the could be -- crib, but the mom tells us that she was drunk that night and it may not be an admission but a coverup for something else. we don't have any idea but she was drinking boxed wine and might have passed out. and now, outside the home in kansas city, missouri. what is going on there, mike? >> well, we have a development that the interview with the siblings was postponed until next week for the moment, anyway. and it seems to be linked to a meltdown with the legal team representing the parents. now, following that we have a high profile lawyer, friend of the camera, locked down and not saying a word of any aspect of the case. this following his cocounsel this morning, issuing a brief press release, a local attorney, say she will no longer be representing the parents of baby lisa which is linked to the public spat over the fact that the investigators or representatives of investigators would talk to the two older brothers of baby lisa. that was postponed to the middle of next week. the time is not certain. whether it
the investigation but now she is cooperating. the fox report chief correspondent is with us, jonathan hunt is live. >>jonathan: this is family and friends' effort to find out any information they possibly can that could lead police to baby lisa. the friends and family over the weekend handed out flyers at aness car race in kansas city and her aunt talked about the effort to find her. listen. >> i'm okay. my brother is less okay. we are trying to hang in there and trying to go on. (inaudible) people are asking to we have heard anything new. (inaudible) >>jonathan: a tough time for everybody, there was also a candle lit vigil held near the family home over the weekend and this, as yet, is doing anything to bring police any nearer, it seems to finding baby lisa. >>shepard: and they said? they have any suspects? searching? >>jonathan: we got an e-mail statement from the miss, the kansas city police department and they said this and i quote, "investigators have talked to the family over the weekend and hope to continue the cooperative communication. we do not have any suspects, we are still actively in
cain for a complete u.s. mexico border fence to keep illegal immigrants on their side of the dividing line and cain talked about electrifying the fence the object to kill people trying to cross when he was called for that, he said it was a joke and that the country needs to get a sense of humor and apologized. >> i apologized if i offended anyone, i'm sorry. i'm not walking away from that. i don't want to offend anybody. >>carl: he is not walking away from the idea of it, just that he didn't mean to be flippant with the suggestion it could kill people and he is getting criticism from the management. not a president but the former president of mexico, president fox talking about the drug war and the drug problem in mexico and specifically about the remarks of herman cain. >> look at this guy. putting electric wire on top of the fence? so the my grant die! (inaudible) it is incredible. nonsense. what is going on with the oldest democracy in the world. >>carl: criticism from a mexican former president for herman cain would would like to the next president of the united states. it is gett
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correspondent, phil keeping is still with us. do we have any idea what this "thing" is, that is not public? or is that a secret? phil: it is primarily the laptop and cell phone data that is being analyzed by the experts in the netherlands. it is a time issue on getting that back in. the f.b.i. has been working with the aruba authorities searching his home in maryland and they did obtain handwriting samples which will be used for the life insurance, the travels' insurance that aruban authorities say he took out on her life at the airport or when they bought the tickets to fly from the united states down to aruba. of course, he before he was arrested he was at the airport attempting to board a flight to return back to maryland and according to reports down there, detectives approached him and he was absolutely sweating. >>shepard: a lot of people have questioned, judge, if the bad publicity from natalee holloway investigation they are trying to put parts of the puzzle together that do not exist. >>judge napolitano: they may well be, i don't want to say their behavior is inappropriate but the
live from the white house. the president is using the recession fears in part to sell the jobs bill. >>reporter: you are right. he says that the $450 billion measure is an "insurance policy" against the second recession. the economy certainly has slowed. the president blames the european debt ceiling, oil supply disruption, caused bit arab spring, the tsunami that hit japan and says congress did not help with the down to the wire easing of the debt ceiling and republicans say the measure is another stimulus bill that the one cost in 2009 cost $1 trillion and 1.7 million jobs. and "recession" is a technical term although it is not technically a recession and the 20 percent who say it is not a recession are the same who say congress is doing a good job. >>shepard: and the republicans say the president is not willing to compromise on the jobs bill, more of a campaign bill. >>reporter: republicans have left part of the jobs act but they are tax law changes and not the part the white house says would create jobs right away. republicans say that spending to help teachers keep their jobs,
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